A member of the International Cinematographers Guild, Robert Falconer is a lifelong storyteller and multidisciplinary communications professional who specializes in creating stills for film and television. He has produced advertising and promotional imagery for many high-profile genre properties, including The Predator, Stephen King's The Stand (2020), The Twilight Zone (2019-20), The X-Files and Supernatural, to name but a few. His clients range from Netflix to 20th Century Fox, and his work has been featured in leading publications around the world, from Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, to The New York Times and Vanity Fair.

After obtaining his degree from the University of Victoria, Robert began his career in the nineties as a professional writer and agency-repped screenwriter—penning scripts, developing stories, and pitching for television series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and several other notable franchises. It was here that he honed his fluency in the language of cinema. At the same time, his childhood passion for the art and science of photography flourished, further enhancing his suite of storytelling skills, even as his background as a writer helped him to recognize the importance of narrative to photography.

He thus brings a unique combination of creative conceptualization and visualization to all his work, and has become regarded for his ability to capture the essence of a story in a single frame.

Throughout his professional career, Robert has remained a passionate aficionado of all things photographic. He's been a contributing writer to Nikon Owner Magazine for the past 20 years, has both conducted and co-produced photography workshops, and is a former Fujifilm X-Photographer™ (and current X-Photographer™ Alumnus). In between shooting film and television assignments, or portraiture, he can be found plying his craft in other genres of photography, from travel and social documentary, to natural and urban landscape.

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Fujifilm X-Photographer™ magazine advertisement for the X-Pro2 camera in 2017. Click to view (PDF).

Fujifilm X-Photographer™ magazine ad promoting the launch of the flagship X-Pro2 camera in 2016. Click to view (PDF).



“Robert’s still photography was stunning, to say the least, and captured exactly what the network and distributor were looking for. I’m proud to say a montage of Robert’s stills opens this movie. I can without hesitation recommend Robert for any still assignment on any type of film production.”


“I was constantly impressed with Robert’s attention to detail and ability to tease out the most important beats from the script […] he understands genre and how to create assets that neatly encapsulate the overall intent of the writers and producers while at the same time faithfully capturing the creative decisions made on set by the director and performers.”


“…a versatile photographer with tremendous talent, and the technical skills to match. He understands the demands and nuances of the position, and possesses the skills and maturity to deliver the very best photography to his clients.”


“He has always coped admirably with a formidable workload, displaying excellent organizational skills, a logical mind, great tact and diplomacy, a finely-tuned eye for detail, and a good sense of humour. Professionally, he seems to thrive on hard work, lacking neither stamina nor resourcefulness.”